From Xero to Zoho, or should I say from Xero to Hero

From Xero to Zoho CRM Integration

It’s hard to visualise transferring from one accounts system to another, sometimes the thought is just too overwhelming and small companies decide they cannot make the move as the task is simply too daunting, even if they wish their accounts package had more to offer. Normally I am trying to convert people to Zoho Books because it ties in effortlessly with Zoho CRM, but here’s another scenario.

Let’s assume you are perfectly happy using Xero as your accounts package.

As a standalone accounts package it is amazing (I know how wonderful Xero is and can see why it is one of the leading online accounting services in the UK ), but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some link between Xero and your CRM so that vital information was passed back and forth……(drum roll)……now there is!

Zoho CRM is launching a fantastic new tool allowing you to send your invoices from the CRM…

…so that your sales team can look in their customers details and raise an invoice themselves or at least see where the accounts team have raised an invoice (companies will have their own thoughts and processes on this stage) but the really clever part is that once that invoice is sent the CRM will send a copy to Xero where is will sit in drafts. This allows the accounts team to view the invoice and approve it. Then once the client has paid and accounts reconcile the payment in Xero it will then let the CRM know and it will be marked as paid there too – genius!

switch-to-xeroNow the sales team can see when a client has paid, potentially whilst out on the go using their phone to log in rather than having to call accounts and ask. Companies that have a large sales team can now potentially look after their customer account on a more detailed level, issuing invoices, chasing late payments, acknowledging receipt of payment etc etc. This gives them more information and control and should lead to positive reinforcement particularly if on a commission basis as they know when a client pays its happy days! This also reduces the workload for a busy accounts department so it really is a win win situation.

For a smaller company is simply means less to-ing and fro-ing between sales and accounts and means the CRM is even more valuable with invoicing data and an even better source of up to date information for everyone. Managers will be able to run even more detailed reports in the CRM now and have a better overall picture of their clients eg when they have paid and how quickly they paid without having to liaise so often with accounts.

zoho alliance partnerI am sure we will be able to look forward to many more clever short cuts in the future making all our lives easier and work processes run smoother – Zoho really is my work Hero!!!!

So if you can’t bear the thought of changing your accounts package simply switch your CRM over to Zoho and problem solved!

Find out more about the feature set of Xero

If you are new to online accounting, Xero really is the best of breed for small business which is why we have partnered with them. For more information on the product and how to get started, please visit our main website here, or contact us for more information and to find out how we can help you integrate Xero with Zoho CRM.

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