Zoho Apps: Multi-tool technology that works wonders for sales people everywhere!

Those of you who have read our previous blog posts will know that I am a relatively new member of the team. I am not only new, I’m the youngest, the only man and the only one who operates on Windows and Android! Everyone else chooses to use iOS. The only exception to my ‘no iOS rule’ is the iPad, and you will see why a little further down.

A2ZCloud have adopted a ‘flexible working’ approach and encourages every member of the team to work in the environment that best suits the task at hand. For example, if I need to deliver a system demo it is much easier to focus in a quiet environment like my home office than in our busy open plan head office, meaning I deliver a better quality product to our clients and ultimately increase my productivity. In conjunction with this, we have also adopted a paperless and BYOD (bring your own device) policy to our office environment. This enables all of us to operate on the platform that best fits us as individuals. For me it’s a Samsung notebook on Windows 8 (although I run the classic look extension) and an Android phone.

We, as members of the A2ZCloud team, are able to function in this way as a direct result of operating completely in the cloud.

We use the Zoho Apps as a springboard for generating and managing enquiries, email marketing, project managing and delivering solutions – everything really.

What is the most important tool in my box of tricks?

My favourite thing about how we operate is that I can function equally as productively whether I’m in the office sat next to my MD or on the beach in Mexico – internet signal dependent of course!

zoho-crm-mobile-appThe best tools (I can’t decide on one) in my personal box are first and foremost the Zoho CRM App on my phone or iPad. I can be sat in a service station and think, ‘I have a few hours spare’, and manipulate the data held in our system, live, and online, send emails, launch marketing, even plot the locations of my leads/potentials on the map so I can see who is local and arrange to pop in for a chat or steal a cup of coffee from them!

zoho-leads-appThe second is the Zoho Leads app; it means long gone are the days that I sit on a quiet afternoon typing leads into the system from a pile of business cards. I don’t even have to keep them, I just simply scan them with the app and it will automatically create a new lead record in the system, store an image of the business card as an attachment against the record, add them to a new lead nurture campaign and set me a task to follow up with them in 48 hours time. If they made it do a bit more I would be out of a job!

These tools enable me to increase my productivity, minimise my admin time and reduce follow up failure – what more does a salesman need?

Let us know what your favourite tool is. Or if you don’t have one talk to us about getting some!

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