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Automate your inbound and permission marketing campaigns all integrated with Zoho CRM. Zoho Campaigns software applications feature marketing campaign management tools that allow you to craft professional looking emails without knowing HTML using predesigned templates or by importing your own.

Build a list of people who want to hear from you, and measure results. See who clicked through, what they were interested on, schedule drip campaigns and auto responders. So if a subscriber doesn’t open your first email auto send them another one in a scheduled time frame with a different message.

Monitor and measure your results, tweak campaigns to improve performance and incorporate Google Analytics tracking if desired. Advanced marketing campaign management tools are included to measure results and help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

See who opened your mailings, forwarded the email, clicked on links, or unsubscribed. Compare multiple campaigns to see what your subscribers are responding to and tweak your offerings. Why let go of subscribers who didn’t open your first email? Create a follow-up campaign for these individuals and be more efficient with the list.

Take your email marketing campaigns a step further and promote them on social media through Zoho’s social media platform. Post campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the form of links, images, and status messages. How many view, likes, comments, or retweets did you receive? Measure the engagement your social campaigns generate and improve future campaigns. You can even schedule and automate campaigns to deploy in advance.

New Dynamic Zoho Campaign Functionality:

  • Workflow Automation:
    Increase the marketing efficiency by creating simple rules to move contacts between lists and trigger email notifications.
  • Calendar Based Promotions:
    Plan your promotions for special events (Christmas, Birthdays, Wimbledon etc) and send automated emails
  • Email-action Based Autoresponder:
    Generate better results by sending follow-up emails to subscribers based on opens and clicks activity.

Zoho Campaigns Workflow & automation

Zoho Campaigns features at a glance

Create Eye-catching Campaigns

Craft professional looking emails using your own design and Zoho’s intuitive drag and drop interface, or use templates to do the creative bit for you

Schedule & Automate Messaging

Build various targeted lists of people you want to make contact with and automate your communication to suit the flow of follow up campaigns

Convert Leads

Campaign analytics will help you measure your performance and provide you with customer behaviour resources that you can use to quickly tailor your next tactical approach

Share your Reports

With the help of a secure URL you can share your reports with senior management – and the results are updated automatically so you only need share it the one time

Social Statistics

Track the reach of your campaigns and know how they are performing with likes, shares and comments your campaign received

Deal Won!

Zoho Campaigns makes it really easy to reach and engage with your customers – it makes effective email marketing a joy to behold!

The Benefit of Working with a Zoho Alliance Partner

A2Z Cloud can help you make the most of Zoho CRM by helping you customise it for your business,
integrate it with your financial and other systems if required and even develop custom apps for a comprehensive solution.

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