Zoho Creator, Easy Cost Effective Mobile Apps You Design to Support Your Business Needs

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device – Zoho Creator might be your best, most flexible and cost-effective bet!

If you have been looking for quick and easy web-based database solutions, such as a way to collaborate with your customers through a Customer Portal, or maybe you have other External Stakeholders that you need to stay in touch with when you are not at your desk, the recently upgraded Zoho Creator platform could be your dream solution.

For example, with an A2ZCloud Zoho Creator Custom App, designed explicitly for your business, you can give your users access to:

  • Check the status of their order
  • Submit a change order request
  • View previous transactions
  • Repeat an order

This can be achieved with a single-click interface – just like Tescos but for your business. This is just one idea – perhaps you want suppliers to have access to update their own address and payment info (subject to appropriate fraud protection steps, of course) or maybe your client needs to update invoicing instructions to ensure your invoices get paid on time.

The new customer portal feature in Zoho Creator allows small and large businesses alike to share critical applications and information with important users. A user simply needs to log into a private portal at the specified URL with a username and password; it is not necessary to have a Zoho account to access the portal. Once in the portal, users can access the relevant applications, view reports and find the resources that you as the portal owner have elected to share with them.

Zoho Creator is a flexible and cost-effective platform for building online database applications, used by more than 5 million people world wide. The beauty of building on the platform is that applications are platform independent, mobile, web friendly and rapidly deployed. Build your ideal app in a few hours to a few days. Integrate the app with Zoho CRM and other database tools and even send SMS notifications with services such as Twilio and ScreenMagic.

We can think of hundreds of applications from managing class attendance, organising seminars and events to handling customer queries and support cases while on the go.

What about you? Share you favourite idea, how many apps do you need? Want us to quote for building an app for you? Looking for Zoho Creator support?

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