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Custom build a Zoho Database App to work the way you want
with Zoho Creator’s easy drag and drop interface

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Zoho Creator is a database design software offering individuals, small businesses and large corporations a secure platform to build bespoke online database applications. This app provides an end-to-end solution that is flexible, scalable and uses Agile development processes to modify database structures that match your rapidly changing business requirements.

Zoho Creator applications can be accessed from anywhere, anytime! Stay connected with your team, collaborate with your clients without any data integrity and security concerns. The Creator platform uses a powerful, scalable and secure hosting infrastructure.

All Creator applications are remotely stored and hosted on Zoho web servers that observe industry-standard practices such as SSL encryption, around-the-clock security of the data centre, back-up and recovery systems. This ensures your application is always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is a simple and intuitive application that allows you to build custom databases without any coding. No programming skills are required to create forms/databases. Most of the business functionality can be developed by using drag-and drop actions and selecting triggers for executing predefined workflow rules. Predefined templates are available which can be adapted to create dashboard pages, bills, invoices and much more.

Zoho Creator also offers multiple visualisation tools including charts, calendars, and pivot tables to perform business intelligence analytics efficiently. Finally, ensure your application is identified by a distinctive style and branding. Zoho Creator presents various selections to transform the colour scheme, customise layout and add your own logo.

Share your applications publicly or only with team members. Access all your apps from your mobile devices too, Zoho Creator supports mobile devices with any of the following browsers – Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Opera, Safari, other WAP Browsers.

Just one fine (wine) example of what Zoho Creator can do…

Zoho Creator features at a glance

Create a Customer Self-service Portal

Increase customer satisfaction and free up your resources by creating a customer self-service portal where they can track activities themselves. Clients can log in with a unique user name and password and access the apps and reports that you choose to share with them.

Define rules with drag-and-drop workflow

Use the pre-written code to handle various scenarios by creating conditional logic and workflow exceptions. With workflow rules there are unlimited possibilities of what you can do with Zoho Creator. You can make rule for who gets allocated certain tasks or automatically respond to a customer’s request for a quotation by generating the necessary workflow.

Form-based Apps

Achieve better categorisation by building separate forms for separate categories of data.
 By using the Lookup and Formula fields in the Form Builder, you can establish relationships between data in two different forms.

Instant Notifications

Work in real-time with instant notifications about user data entered on your system or user actions important to your business. For example, get an instant alert when a client makes a complaint so that you can take immediate action. You can also use this functionality to set yourself a reminder, for example, to call someone back after two weeks.

Save Time

With the drag and drop toolset in Zoho Creator you can build your app in double-quick time. Once you have noted down your app requirements and planned the steps, all you have to do is execute your plan using the app builder. It’s easy!

The Benefit of Working with a Zoho Alliance Partner

A2Z Cloud can help you make the most of Zoho by helping you customise it for your business,
integrate it with your financial and other systems if required and even develop custom apps for a comprehensive solution.zoho i-Dynamics guru

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