Zoho CRM forecast module has been revamped

Zoho the leading cloud based provider of business management applications recently upgraded their CRM forecast module. Not only can users now forecast by territory, which is not necessarily geographic but could be by industry sector or product type, but Zoho have also simplified the forecast creation and monitoring against a target.

Starting at the top most level of the hierarchy, Zoho CRM allows targets to be set for the organisation and then broken down by role and user. So for example if the target for your organisation is £100000 of new revenue per month, broken down to 50% of that for each of two business operating divisions, a sales manager for each division can then allocate the target for each sales person in that division and then monitor the forecast by user.

The whole setup of forecasts has been completely revamped and is now extremely easy. If you would like help from A2ZCloud, the leading Zoho partner (ZAPP) in the UK, please contact us here.

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