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Zoho CRM helps you engage with your customers on a whole new level

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As a sales or marketing person you can never know too much about your leads and contacts and the companies they represent, what they have bought, the systems they have in place, the key people involved in a project, in addition to keeping a record of your conversations, estimates, contracts and other important documents. Zoho’s Free CRM software allows you to keep notes on all your activities with a contact, share information with colleagues and as a company be smart in your approach and dealings with them. Link in & engage with your contacts using their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn without even leaving your CRM!
Leads, contact enquiries and even customer service cases can be auto captured from your website. Follow up processes can be automated and alerts and notifications implemented to ensure you respond in a timely and professional manner. As a manager or business owner Zoho CRM software provides comprehensive reporting and dashboards to monitor staff activity, watch for trends, and keep an eye on remote or home based employee activity levels. Keep track of forecast revenue and conversion rates, and automatically receive alerts on significant deals and events.

Automate. Be effective

Automate your daily tasks so you can concentrate on what you do best, creating and capturing sales opportunities. Efficient selling isn’t about effort, its about getting results

Track Sales Activity

Your Opportunity Tracking dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of all your sales activity giving you the tools to quickly seize and develop opportunities you may have otherwised missed

Go Mobile. Take CRM with you

Zoho’s Mobile Edition gives you instant access to all your live data and allows you to set alerts and assign tasks via your iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry so you never miss a trick

Engage with your Customers

Zoho’s Customer Relationship Management applications bring Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles inside your CRM so that you can better connect with your fans and prospects

Extend your CRM

Seamlessly integrate your CRM with your existing business applications or align third-party applications such as accounting or e-commerce into your CRM

CRM for Google Apps

Zoho CRM integrates perfectly with Google Apps, making it a cinch to collaborate, communicate and share. Whether it’s Google Email, Docs, Contacts, Calendar or Tasks, it’s all neatly connected within your CRM account

The Benefit of Working with a Zoho Partner here in the UK…

A2Z Cloud are trusted Zoho CRM UK Partners and Zoho Certified Consultants. We can help you make the most of Zoho CRM by helping you customise it for your business, integrate it with your financial and other systems if required, and even develop custom apps for a comprehensive solution.

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