Zoho Improves On Apple…

If you are one of the people I am Linked in with and follow my posts in ZohoCRM Forum, you will be aware that I have been dropping heavy hints on what’s coming with regard to the use of Zoho products on the iOS platform.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the testing of the products. Today Zoho have announced the release of a new iOS app which has just gone live in the Apple Store!

It’s a fabulous product and I love it!

One of my bug bears about Mail coming into the native iOS mail client on my iPhone/iPad was that I couldn’t easily add an event in my calendar from within the email, or add a notification/task to remind me to revisit the email when I got back to my desk. Sure I could flag an email but that was about it.

Of course I could always launch the mobile/tablet optimised site, but that is usually far more time consuming and invariably involves many click throughs.

Zoho’s solution to the problem? A dedicated iOS app to compliment the large number of application-specific apps they already have, (Try CRM, Projects, Campaigns and Surveys all available on the App store already).

Now with the new Zoho mail iOS app not only can I flag the email with various statuses, but I can also assign a label from within my Zoho mail client so any rules I have applied to labelled emails will be immediately applied. For example I can customise push notifications by sender and/or folder so I only get notifications about the mails that really matter.

Further more a simple swipe right allows me to set a reminder to revisit the email with some really useful defaults e.g. 2 hours from now, next week, next month or a date and time of my choice.

I can opt for all emails I send to have my normal desktop signature applied – so finally true transparency – no one knows I’m responding from my phone. Maybe not such a great idea as no excuse for those Apple induced typo’s!

Swipe left and you can archive, delete or move the email. Need to create a calendar event – visit your calendar without leaving the application.

If you are an iOS user – definitely worth thinking about – link to the app here, more from the Zoho Blog here 

P.S The Android users in the office love it too – Nice one Zoho

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