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Announcing Zoho Social:

Because Social Media should be part of your marketing strategy,
not something you do in isolation

zoho social

This product has one clear objective – to help you grow your social media presence with actionable insights focused on content and engagement.

Create & publish awesome content
Listen and engage actively
Measure and analyse performance
Co-create and collaborate effectively

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Great content goes a long way to building a brand presence. But how do you know what’s working for your brand so that you can do more of it? Be it increasing your reach by publishing content, monitoring popular social media networks for brand mentions and keywords or getting actionable insights, Zoho Social has you covered.

And of course because social media marketing needs to be “always-on”. The Zoho Social mobile app let you manage your social media presence while you’re on the go.

You can also save a content idea as a draft, even when you’re not connected to the internet, and we’ll sync it back once you’re online. Isn’t that cool?

zoho social mobile app

Reach the right audience at the right time

Create, schedule and deliver your content when your audience is more likely to see it. Smart suggestions help you decide when to publish your content.

Measure. Analyse. Decide

Numbers matter, but what you do with them matters more. Advanced analytics provide actionable insights to help you create better content and reach your audience.

Collaborate. Strategise. Act

Team up to discuss all things social. Brainstorm ideas to create content. Discuss analytics and social connections from across networks.

Listen and Engage Instantly

Stay tuned to what’s being said about your brand. Real-time monitoring helps you listen to the important conversations. React faster with instant notifications.

Your Reports. Your Recipe.

Reports give you instant insight into what’s been done, what’s on schedule and what’s falling behind so everyone involved can commit to the projects deliverables

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